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Customer charter

The portal of the Social Development Bank represents a channel of communication and communication with the audience of its beneficiaries, its availability, its distribution, and its distribution on economic development to the relationship of forming an information relationship, an information association, an association of teachers and information technologies, and the companies affiliated with these partners.

1. Obligations of social development Bank

Proceeding from the vision and mission of the Social Development Bank , and in order to achieve the objectives of its electronic portal, we seek to provide the best possible services to the users of this portal, citizens and residents, whether they are individuals or organizations, and this charter defines the most important obligations of the portal, which revolve around:
a. Help and support:
The portal includes a section to help and support the audience of beneficiaries, and this section provides all the help that a visitor to the Social Development Bank portal needs, taking into account that it suits the largest possible number of visitors. For this reason, readable content and media materials in various forms have been provided, in addition to detailed information and links to some forms of assistance. Such as: Frequently Asked Questions, Multiple Inquiries Sections, Ease of Use,  Smartphone Applications... and others.
B. Privacy and confidentiality of information:
The Social Development Bank portal places the confidentiality of the information of its users and visitors at the top of the list of priorities, and the portal management makes every effort to provide high-quality services to all beneficiaries through the privacy and confidentiality of information document.
c. Providing mechanisms for communication:
The management of the portal is committed to interacting and responding to inquiries received through the Contact Us page.

2.Electronic service standards

The time taken for the main page and all other pages to be ready for use does not exceed a maximum of 4 seconds
The time it takes for the main page of the portal to be ready for use ranges from 2 to 4 seconds on average
The readiness rate is 99.95%.

3. Customer responsibilities

Since the Social Development Bank portal is committed to providing the best possible services to its customers, there are a number of responsibilities that these customers bear in order to ensure that the benefit reaches them according to what was drawn by the portal management. Here are some details about the responsibilities of customers towards the portal:

Use and disclaimer.
Privacy and confidentiality of information.

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