A product aimed at financing companies and micro-institutions to finance capital expansions or the operational cycle

  1. Capital expansions 2 million riyals
  2. The operating cycle reaches 700 thousand riyals
  3. Short-term financing of one year or long-term financing of 5 years, including the grace period
  4. Payment method on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual basis and term end
  5. 7% Administrative Fee
  6. 1% Annual Service Fee

  • There is no delay or default in financing from the bank (Social Development Bank)
  • The operating age of the establishment should not be less than 3 years, and sales not exceeding 3 million riyals
  • The integrity of the credit record and that the defaults do not exceed the amount of 15 thousand riyals
  • No financial implementation issues
  • The ability to provide a guarantee with a coverage rate of not less than 100% of the financing amount.
  • The minimum guarantee is 100% of the financing value (personal guarantee from the owner/partners of the facility).
  • The percentage of the guarantee is determined according to the credit study of the financing request, not less than the minimum level of the guarantee.
  • Types of acceptable guarantees (mortgage - personal guarantee - third party guarantee - corporate and institutional guarantee - financial guarantee)
  • The ability to provide a guarantee with coverage of at least 100% of the financing amount.
  • 10% self-contribution

  • A copy of the national identity of the owner - the owners of the establishment
  • A copy of the commercial register and articles of incorporation of the companies
  • Financial statements of no less than one year for short-term financing
  • Financial statements of no less than two years for long-term financing
  • Other documents during the evaluation

A product aimed at financing companies and micro-institutions to finance capital expansions or the operational cycle
Target Audience
Small companies and enterprises
Service Fees
7% Administrative Fee
1% Annual Service Fee
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Service application start date
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Internal Strategic Engagement

Financing the "Excellence for Corporate" product intersects with one of the bank's strategic objectives: facilitating and providing financing and products for small and emerging enterprises.

International strategic link

The “Corporate Excellence” product intersects with the ninth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It can be viewed here

Product Features

Fudning Ceiling
Up to 2M SAR for capital expansions

Up to 700k SAR for Operations

Loan Duration
Up to 5 years

Payment Method
Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly

Administrative Fees
Administrative Fees 7%

Annual Fees 1%

Grace Period

Customer Journey

Submit Application

Eligibility Check



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