One of the social financing products that targets widows and divorced women by providing them with laon to help them bear the costs and burdens of life through easy and fast procedures.

Product's Video - with Sign Language

  • The ceiling of the monthly income should not exceed ten thousand riyals.
  • A copy of the customer's ID
  • IBAN account number certified by the commercial bank
  • Account statement for the last 3 attested by the Commercial Bank
Target Audience
Service Fees
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Service application start date
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Internal Strategic Engagement

Kanaf financing intersects with one of the bank's strategic objectives: providing targeted and effective social financing to serve the beneficiary segments

International strategic link

Kanaf funding intersects with the fifth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It can be viewed here

Product Features

Loan Ceiling
Up to 30k SAR

Loan Duration
Up to 5 years

Payment Method

Administrative Fees

Exemption according to the insurance policy

Upon death or total disability

Customer Journey

Submit Application

Eligibility Check



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