Entrepreneur Salman Dhaifallah Al-Dajani

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Entrepreneur Salman Dhaifallah Al-Dajani

The Social Development Bank finances an entrepreneur in a project specializing in heat treatment. He aspires to make the Kingdom the first destination for physiotherapy. With the support of the Social Development Bank, Al-Dajani conquers the impossible and establishes a Czech physiotherapy center

Here is one of the stories of success, struggle and perseverance, the hero of which is a Saudi young man who suffered from quadriplegia, but he did not stand idly by, but rather took advantage of the opportunity to treat him and mix with a group of patients in the Czech country where he was receiving treatment by thinking of transferring this treatment experience to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after he felt the necessity of a treatment center It is natural here because it provides important services to those in need of treatment without incurring the trouble of traveling and paying the exorbitant expenses there. He submitted his pioneering idea to the Credit Bank, which did not hesitate to provide the appropriate support after seeing that his idea was pioneering and due to the great services it provides to society. Today, this center operates successfully and treats many patients under the management of this ambitious Saudi youth. He is the young Salman Al-Dajani, owner of the Czech Center for Physiotherapy in Riyadh. Our interview with him monitors the idea of ​​the project, its location in the local market, and other information, so follow him with us through these lines.

Introduce yourself (a brief introduction)

I am Salman Dhaifallah Khaled Dajani, I am 33 years old

Talk about your project. How did his idea start and why did you choose it?

فThe idea of ​​my project was through my injury. I was a naval officer and was quadriplegic, and then I moved to the Czech Republic and it was one of the countries where I was treated because I had been treated in Germany previously, and I found that physiotherapy in the Czech Republic is advanced, especially manual physiotherapy, and because unfortunately the Kingdom lacks Qualified centers in physiotherapy, and because the supply is much less than the demand, I came up with an idea, especially that I mixed business with patients because I worked in the same field in the Czech Republic and I had a company in the Czech Republic. Through it, I receive the patients of the Kingdom because I was responsible for this thing through the Royal Court and the Ministry of Health, so I saw the suffering of the patients up close, in addition to the suffering of alienation and different cultures, and the treatment periods are long. To Saudi Arabia, I would have shortened the distances and provided treatment for patients who are unable to travel, and thank God the results were good and this is my main goal with this idea.

How did you apply for financing?

Of course, by chance, I learned that the Credit Bank supports people with special needs and that they have priority in support, and this is frankly what I felt from the bank after successive meetings and interviews with them, where they asked me about the origin of the project, its capital, and how to manage it. 4 million riyals. With this loan, I started the "Czech Center" project, with additional support from my own money

Did you encounter difficulties at the beginning of launching your project? How did you manage to overcome it?

Like any project, I encountered many difficulties, especially in government departments and the issuance of visas, especially since I relied on specialists from the Czech Republic, where I attracted Czech expertise in this field, and I tried to build a brick from the beginning. He facilitated the path and I felt that I was heading towards success despite these obstacles. Among the circles cooperating with me was the Credit Bank, which was supportive of me. Thank God, here is the Czech center that treats more than five hundred patients every day, and we, thanks to God, obtained last year the best project in the Kingdom for the year 2012 and during the three years In the past, more than 1,500 children and women have been treated, and, thank God, they have returned to their normal health status.

Which is better for you, a job or self-employment?

When you talk about the difference between self-employment and work in the government sector, I think that self-employment gives you more space. The evidence is that I started my project with 4 million riyals and now the value of my project exceeds 40 million riyals. As for income, thanks to God, I have more than 150 employees under my management. This is Evidence that the company is successful and I believe that the income is remunerative, praise be to God, and success is always followed by another success. Of course, I am the editor-in-chief of “Al-Qadaa” magazine, which is a magazine for people with special needs, and it is the first of its kind in the Middle East.

There are those who fear failure, how do you direct them?

Some people put impossibilities and obstacles in front of him, even though he did not take the initiative in the first place. The word “take action” means a lot to me because it is the vision of all my companies, so take the initiative and do not wait until the opportunity comes to you. Thankfully, the word “failure” does not exist in my dictionary. In every work there are obstacles and difficulties, but with will, persistence and correct planning, you will reach your goal, and failure will not have a place, and success is not a monopoly for anyone, as it is the ally of everyone who works, plans, sets its goals, and then works with the blessing of God.

What are your future ambitions in your project?

I have several aspirations, as I aspire for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be a destination for everyone who wants to seek physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatment, and to be a pioneer in this field. in this field on a global level and to run such centers, and this is not impossible. It is also aspirations to reach every disabled person so that he can get the treatment he needs.

What would you like to say to the Social Development bank?

I actually consider myself the bank's spoiled boy, and many like me. Everyone who applied to the bank, I believe, feels this feeling, starting from applying for support, through project management, and then its success, because the bank spared no effort in providing support and facilities. As for my word to the disabled, I say to them: You have priority in the Credit Bank. Whenever you have a good project idea and meet the requirements and have the ability to manage it, the Bank welcomes you, but you must take the initiative and present the offer in order to receive support. Thank you very much to the Credit Bank for what it provided with me.

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