Entrepreneur Ayman bin Muhammad al-Din

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Entrepreneur Ayman bin Muhammad al-Din

Ayman bin Muhammad al-Din is an ambitious Saudi young man who benefited from his experience through his work in the field of uniforms and through his visits to many factories and companies, he discovered the growing demand and need by companies and factories for safety clothing and supplies, so he resolved to enter the field of self-employment and enter seriously through his quest for an entity that supports His project is the support through which he can start with God's blessing. He knocked on the doors of the Social Development Bank and found a response, as is the case with many young people who applied for financing and received the required support. ˛ He is the young man Ayman al-Din, the owner of the Safe Clothing Foundation in the city of Suhayat. lines.

Introduce yourself (a brief introduction)?

Ayman bin Muhammad al-Din, Diploma in Banking Operations, Graduate of the Institute of Public Administration in Dammam. I previously worked at the Arab National Bank, then at a uniform clothing factory, after which I decided to go into self-employment.

Talk about your project

Safe clothing is a project specialized in personal and industrial safety clothing and supplies, as well as uniforms for companies and institutions.

How did you start your project idea and why did you choose it?

The idea of ​​safe clothing started through my visits to factories and companies and what I saw of their need for industrial safety clothing and supplies to adhere to the safety controls and standards of their employees during work periods.

How did you hear about SDB financing?

I heard about financing through my brother, who directed me to the bank's services in terms of supporting and assisting those wishing to enter the field of self-employment, and I really took the initiative to apply immediately.

How did you apply for financing?

I applied for financing through the Riyada website, which is supported by the Social Development Bank.

How did you find this funding and how much was it?

The idea of ​​financing was good and the beginning of the self-employment experience, and the financing amount was 222,000 riyals.

Did you encounter difficulties at the beginning of launching your project? How did you manage to overcome it?

Difficulties existed since the beginning of the Safe Clothing Project, so that I could not provide all the materials and supplies required by customers, as well as the high rent in sites specialized for safety supplies, but thank God I was able to overcome the obstacles by contracting with some suppliers on credit and contracting with some small and medium companies and factories through payment direct cash.

What is the status of your project now, and has it provided you with a satisfactory income level?

One year after the start of the safe clothing project, and thank God, a good relationship and trust was formed with suppliers and customers, but with a simple profit level, in order to gain the customer’s trust, as well as the presence of strong competition with some suppliers in the same field.

There are those who fear failure, how do you direct them?

Self-employment requires courage and sacrifice, and the need to keep obstacles in mind and be part of the study to avoid them and not hesitate or retreat because they are among the causes of loss.

What word would you like to direct to young people, specifically those who are about to enter the business world?

If you have ambition and persistence, I advise you not to adhere to a job on the grounds that it has a fixed monthly income, because it does not add to the person that desired addition intellectually, practically, and even financially, as is the case in self-employment.

What are your future ambitions in your project?

My ambitions are to obtain supportive funding for the safe clothing project to be able to develop it by providing the requirements of companies and factories through direct import from foreign countries, and thus I would have distinguished the products from competitors in terms of type and price.

What would you like to say to the Social Development Bank?

A message to the honorable SDB officials that it is necessary to reconsider the amount of funding because, through my experience, the amount is not enough to start some commercial or industrial projects, and I suggest re-supporting some of the existing and supported projects in order to raise the capital to be able to develop them and raise their commercial or industrial level.

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