Inventor Al Rasheed

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Inventor Al Rasheed

The beginning was before 1418 AH, when it became clear to him the problem of dirt accumulation on the paint lines on the roads, as well as on the reflective face of the eyes of cats, and no methods were available at that time to treat it. He obtained a patent registered from the US Patent Office, and through more than twelve years of communication and research, he reached his goal. He is the inventor, Engineer Khaled Mahdi Al Rashid, PhD in Philosophy from the American University in London, and the inventor of a material for removing ground marks from roads.

How was the beginning and who had a role in encouraging you?

The beginning was before the year 1418 AH, when it became clear to me the problem of dirt accumulation on the paint lines on the roads, as well as on the reflective face of the cat’s eyes, and at that time there were no methods available to treat it, and by virtue of the fact that I had a culture of invention and the importance of the knowledge economy, I conducted field experiments that led me to an innovative system that I deposited As a patent, then I started with the steps that lead to its activation and application. During more than twelve years of communication and research, there was no doubt that there were people who had an encouraging role, and there were circumstances that also had an encouraging role, but there is no person in itself from whom I found the difference encouragement, and I think that the only circumstance What encouraged me and helped me reach this stage is the market gap for this invention and the urgent need for its applications.

Tell us about your invention, its components and how to use it?

The invention is a system concerned with the maintenance of prominent land signs on the roads (cleaning and removing paints and cleaning ground reflectors, including what is known as cat's eyes), and marks on the runways (cleaning and removing paint lines, cleaning luminous reflectors, and removing rubber accumulated on the runways from aircraft tires, which must be removed to improve Friction factor during landing.
The system allows the assembly and installation of the necessary devices and equipment on maintenance equipment, allowing water, air, organic or chemical materials to be sprayed on the parts to be cleaned or removed, so that the maintenance process takes place during movement, which increases the amount of production and thus reduces the economic cost of maintenance.​ The system also has a computer network based on controlling the blowing mechanism and quantity, and identifying the blown elements according to the task to be accomplished.

How much was the amount of your financing from the bank?

Two million and two hundred thousand riyals.

What difficulties did you encounter in your invention and how were you able to overcome them?

The difficulties are many and frustrating and constitute many obstacles, the most important of which is the unintentional human motive of many officials against what is new and against changing what exists, and relying on routine in dealing with inventions and explorations, and I believe from my experience that the biggest misconception I found among many officials is that we must succeed In every new work or application, lack of success is considered a failure, and this concept stems from fear and dependence on routine. It lacks a sense of leadership and initiative whenever there are indications of success, and that every experience that does not succeed adds to us experiences that lead us to success.

It is always said that necessity is the mother of invention. Did this proverb have a role in your invention?

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and in my humble point of view, not everything that is said is true at all times and at all times. The need and preparation for it before it exists, and as for reliance on its emergence and exacerbation in this era, any action taken is called a reaction and not an invention, innovation or effort with an effective and pioneering return.

How do you see the support and financing of the Social Development Bank for the path of invention in general and for the inventors?

I see it as distinctive and it may be one of the best financial channels that inventors seek, but I suggest that the inventor’s eligibility and ability to do business be considered so that he does not fall prey to financial obligations later, and it is possible to consider introducing pioneering joint partners with the inventor in order for the commercial and scientific ability to blend in and to ensure the success of the funded projects in the course of inventions.

Are there other inventions other than those mentioned? What is it ?

I have a European invention that was issued last year under the name of “quick-fitting spare tire,” and an invention that will be issued in America, God willing, under the name “mediation in innovations.” Others have not been examined in the Saudi Patent Office.

Where do you want to reach your invention?

To The Market 

Where is your product sold now?
Since the invention is a system, any product, machine or equipment that can contribute to the application of this system will be a product or equipment that can achieve the benefits of the invention.

The last word I it leave to you

We have a king who loves scientific achievements and supports them with his thoughts, time and directives. It is the role of those who have the ability to add scientific knowledge and who is entrusted with supporting them and paving the way for them.


Al Rasheed with a number of entrepreneurs after signing the financing contract at the Bank.




The inventor, Al Rasheed, is practicing his work in one of the roads.

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