Discharge Program

Pursuant to the Royal Decree No. 5597/MB dated 04/29/1426 AH; A charitable account has been opened with Al-Rajhi Bank, provided that the Social Development Bank will manage and supervise it. This account was established for those wishing to discharge their obligations towards public money or as a gift or endowment. Social ).

Establishment of the account: The account was opened on 01/08/1427 AH corresponding to 07/02/2006 AD.

Account number: SA2680000126608010510005 at Al Rajhi Bank.
Last Updated:2023/05/29 Gregorian

Discharge Program

  • The purpose of the account: a bank account in which a person who wants to discharge himself or as a gift or endowment is deposited.
    The target group: the majority believes that the account is intended for those who have embezzled from public money, and this belief is wrong. The following paragraph explains the people targeted for depositing in this account, as it targets:


    • State employees who fall short in working hours, working hours, assignments, work outside working hours, and so on.
    • Any person who wants to discharge his liability towards public money for money he took unlawfully.
    • Any person who wants to provide money as an endowment or donation.
    • Any person who wants to provide in-kind endowments, the proceeds of which will be returned to the discharge account.


    Beneficiaries: The money that is deposited in this account is fully spent on the social loan program for people with limited income (repair family marriage).

    • The total amounts deposited in the account from the date of opening the account on 02/20/2006 AD until the end of 01/31/2019: (375,333,387) riyals.
    • The total number of deposit transactions: 61,521.

    Note that the deposit in this account is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


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