The Bank is characterized by its objectives, which are represented in maximizing the utilization of the available human resources, and enhancing the professional and behavioral capabilities, which are supported by the presence of a competitive environment that pushes for further development.

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Why Social Development

The SDB Human Resources Department follows policies and strategies that are in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. Therefore, the Bank considers its employees as its real wealth that contribute to the realization of these strategies. The Bank pays great attention to the process of developing its employees through many development programs, and on the other hand, it is keen to attract the best competencies according to adopting the best methodologies for selection, recruitment, development, training, and preserving human resources, and then encouraging and motivating initiative and creativity.

Work in

  • Maximum benefit of the available human resources

  • Enhancing professional and behavioral capabilities

  • Supporting a competitive environment that drives further development

  • Achieving equity that results in responsiveness among all employees

  • Building trust between the bank and employees

  •  Posting and applying for jobs is done through the bank’s LinkedIn page here


Job title Applying link Start Date End Date
Senior Business Partner Manager Social Development Bank( 06/12/2022 29/12/2022
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