Counseling Program

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The program aimed to find a mentor and supervisor scientifically and practically qualified to carry out the functions of supervision of the owner of small enterprises or medium in all phases of the program and serve as a mentor and constant reference to the owner of the establishment in all things that are exposed through the stages of establishing and beginning to operate its business, as well as aims to create a practical and successful mechanisms to deal with delinquencies facing small and medium enterprises in the UK sector, the overall objective of the program is to provide better counseling services for entrepreneurs to ensure the lifting of the performance of firms in competition and reduce tripping rates through early detection of the defect.

تعريف بالبرنامج

  1. Formulate mechanisms and scientific and practical methodologies for establishing and developing guidance Mtkamilo network Arshad nationwide system.
  2. Attracting and training and the adoption of appropriate consultants and experts.
  3. Improve the performance of small enterprises and develop her supervisor.
  4. Creating a database and the Bank of questions and answer questions and lessons learned and scientific output in the field of tripping and the problems of small and medium enterprises sector.
  5. Prevention of tripping by neutralizing the reasons that led to the problems of tripping and processed later when finance any pilot.
  6. Early detection of defects in the facilities in order to avoid future potential reasons for tripping.

الأهداف والاستراتيجية

It will attract and rehabilitation of a number (550) and guided tour is divided into three main categories:
  1. Guides full-time (full time) = total number (65) guide.
  2. Guides part-time (part time) = total number (135) guide.
  3. Guides collaborators (unpaid volunteers) = total number (350) Guide.

التواصل مع البرنامج

You can write to us at the following address Please state your name and mobile number and summarize the application in the form of key points with the supporting documents at the request of its existence.
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