Emerging Technology

A product that specializes in financing technical and digital facilities, with an investment cost starts from 50 thousand riyals and does not exceed 4 million riyals, with a financing ceiling of 4 million riyals.

  1. The financing ceiling starts from 150,000 to 4 million riyals
  2. Financing period up to 8 years
  3. Grace period of up to two years
  4. Payment method on a monthly basis
  5. Administrative fees are 7%, with the possibility of deducting fees from the original financing
  6. 1% annual service fee

  • The age of the applicant is from 21 to 65 years
  • At least a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • It is allowed to apply for a financing application in the presence of commercial records, provided that the applicant does not have, when signing the financing agreement, more than one commercial record other than the project record.
  • Acceptable guarantees (mortgage - personal guarantee - third party guarantee - corporate and institutional guarantee - financial guarantee)
  • The ability to provide a guarantee with a coverage rate of not less than 100% of the financing amount.

  • Commercial register
  • A copy of the identity of the owner or partners, if it is a company
  • Fill out the guarantee declaration form (to download the file, click here)
  • A copy of the academic qualification
  • A copy of the CV
  • Economic feasibility study or business plan for the project

Financing starts from (50) thousand riyals and reaches 4 million riyals for projects whose total cost does not exceed (8) million riyals.

The maximum allowable limit is 15 thousand riyals

It is a group of activities in the fields of information technology that enhance the business environment system and serve the objectives of Saudi Vision (2030): artificial intelligence / Internet of things / smart applications / financial technologies / blockchain / robots / 3D printing / virtual reality / e-commerce / cyber security / Cloud Computing.
Target Audience
Service Fees
Administrative fees: 7%, with the possibility of deducting fees from the original financing
Annual service fee: 1%
Response Time:
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Service application start date
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Internal Strategic Engagement

Financing emerging technology enterprises intersects with one of the Bank's strategic objectives: Facilitate and provide financing and products for small and emerging enterprises.

International strategic link

Entrepreneurial product financing intersects with the ninth goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
It can be viewed here

Product Features

Funding Ceiling
Up to 4M SAR

Loan Duration
Up to 8 years

Payment Method

Administrative Fees
Administrative fees: 7%, with the possibility of deducting fees from the original financing

Annual service fee: 1%

Grace Period
Up to 2 years

Customer Journey

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