Implementing Regulations

Implementing Regulations

Chapter one: definitions
 first article
The following definitions shall have the same definitions unless otherwise provided:
Regulation Description
Bank: Social Development Bank.
Social finance: Marriage, family, restoration.
Regulation Social financing regulation.
The Board of directors: Social Development Bank board of directors.
Financing: The given financing from the bank to marriage, family or restoration.
Person: The normal Saudi person in charged.
Family: Is the family consisting of children and parent with or without one of them.
Income: Is all what can the individual receives monthly or annually from cash or in-kind.
Marriage Financing: Is a financing program designed to help the husband alleviate the burden of marriage.
Family Financing: Is a financing program designed for the head of householder to meet the necessary needs for the family.
Restoration Financing: Is a financing program designed for restoration, maintenance, repair of structural and emergency defects, for the purpose of additions or necessary modifications for private residential houses.
Head of Householder: Is the responsible person of taking care and the expenditures on the family such as the father, widow and divorced.
Year: “hijri” year is the hegira year.


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