Zood Saving Product

Target Audience
female and male Citizens of social loans clients


Service Fees

Strategic Engagement
Encouraging the growth of savings

Zood Saving Product

About Zood
Its supported savings program targets social loans clients whereas it helps them on saving financial amount monthly to cover their future needs in the short term through simple saving plan.
Zood features. 
  • Monthly money incentive up to 20%
  • The minimum monthly incentive 20 SR and the maximum 200 SR.
         Cash incentive at the end of the program up to 3000 SR
  • The program doesn’t require limited number of monthly savings to stay participant in it.
  • Consistent with the Islamic law
  • The program duration is five years
  • Full flexibility in savings management
  • Monthly incentive deposit in the beginning of the next month
  • Deposit and withdraw it is allowed without any charges
  • There are many different ways to deposit savings in the account (cash deposit, fast, ATMs, branches)

Participant method
The participant must to be applicants and earns the social loans
After initial approval, the participant must open savings account special for the program in one of the Alinma Bank branches.

Incentive Calculator

Monthly Average Balance


Keep the SR 6,000 for your social loan to get SR 3,000 as your final incentive


  • 5 Year


  • 1 Year


  • 1 Month


Incentive Payout

The content of this page is available in Arabic

The content of this page is available in Arabic

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