A financing product aimed at citizens who are able to work and wish to increase their monthly income. This product allows them to benefit from soft financing that enables them to practice self-employment for their personal account.
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  • Financing ceiling up to 120 thousand riyals
  • Financing period up to 40 months
  • Administrative fees not exceeding 7,500 riyals
  • Payment method on a monthly basis

  • The age of the applicant is from 18 to 65 years
  • Integrity of the credit history
  • The monthly income of the applicant should not exceed 20,000 riyals
  • The existence of a self-employment document/license via this link

  • National ID
  • National address
  • IBAN account number
  • Mobile registered in Absher
  • Self Employment Certificate (to finance specialized services)

  • The amount of the incentive should not exceed the value of the administrative fees deducted from the original financing before disbursing it to the customer
  • The incentive is calculated automatically in the banking system based on the performance recorded in the approved self-employment platforms.
Target Audience
Service Fees
Administrative fees not exceeding 7,500 SAR
Response Time:
Submission channels:
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Service application start date
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Internal Strategic Engagement

Cash financing intersects with one of the bank's strategic objectives: providing targeted and effective social financing to serve the beneficiary segments

International strategic link

The cash product intersects with the ninth goal of the United Nations' sustainable development goals. You can find it here

Product Features

Funding Ceiling
Up to 120K SAR

Loan Duration
Up to 40 months

Payment Method

fixed fee

Exemption according to the insurance policy

Upon death or total disability

Customer Journey

Submit Application

Eligibility Check




  • Freelancers incentives:
    It is a program dedicated to supporting freelancers practitioners who benefit from an Nafath product, which works to motivate freelancers practitioners to motivate them for professional stability and ensure their continuity in work.

  • What are the incentives?
    Incentives are cash amounts that are disbursed as a reward for those who prove their practice of the financed freelancers in one of the platforms approved by the bank. The evaluation is carried out continuously throughout the financing period and is disbursed annually at the end of each calendar year.

  • Incentive Deposit Duration: The deposit is immediate in the customer’s bank account approved by the bank at the end of each calendar year, according to what each customer is entitled to as a result of evaluating his performance during the calendar year.

  • The maximum and minimum incentive: The incentive does not exceed the maximum value of the fees deducted from the customer at the time of financing disbursement, and there is no minimum.

  • Is registration in the self-employment incentive program mandatory? Registration in the program is not mandatory, but it allows the customer to benefit from benefits and services beyond financing such as: incentives - additional financing - non-financial services.

  • Supported platforms for performance platforms: The renewable list will be announced on the bank's social media and on the electronic portal For example (Bahr - Wasl - Connect - PTWAY - Passioneurs).

  • Main tracks of financing

    Specialized Services Track
    Rural development Track
    Crafts Track
    Real estate career Track
    Delivery Track
    The Productive Families track is not available at this time
    Accounting services course soon

  • The mechanism of registration in the incentive program:

    Through the Social Development Bank electronic portal and completing the following requirements:
    1- That the client has an existing self-employment finance.
    2- The lapse of one year since the disbursement of the financing to the customer, and he must be regular in paying the due installments.
    3- Registration in the incentive program.

    Evaluation is done according to the track as follows:
    The evaluation is based on the number of completed projects on the platforms approved by the Bank such as Bahar, pTway, and Passioneurs.
    -Registration is required in one of the self-employment platforms accredited by the bank to monitor and evaluate performance.

  • Incentive Calculation Mechanism:
    The amount of the incentive should not exceed the value of the administrative fees deducted from the original financing before disbursing it to the customer.
    The incentive is calculated automatically in the banking system based on the performance recorded in the approved freelance platforms.

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