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funding services for small-size projects.Providing
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Emerging projects product intersects with the eighth objective of the United Nations sustainable development objectives.
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For small and start-ups projects that do not exceed the investment cost of 300 thousand SAR.

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General terms required for the applicant for funding based on Article 5 of the executive regulation for the financing of small and emerging projects, as follows:
  • The applicant shall be Saudi and met the terms of application.
  • Professional activities: A specialized qualification or one year experience in the field accepted by the bank.
  • The applicant shall be at least 21 years old and not more than 60 years old.
  • Service and commercial activities: Pass the personal interview.
  • The applicant shall not combine two funding requests of the bank financing programs.
  • The applicant shall devote himself to the operation of his project.
  • The financial and credit situation of the applicant shall be suitable to get the finance.
  • The applicant for funding of medical and educational projects shall have been no legal verdict handed down against him in a case involving a breach of honor or trust, unless he has been rehabilitated.
  •  Filling out the application forms for each program and complete the other requirements related to the Bank evaluation process.
  • Real guarantee or payment and performance bondsman shall be provided at least 70% of the required amount of financing from the Bank.
  • The project shall be within the projects financed by the bank.
  • The project shall be an added value to the national economy.
  • The project shall be new or under construction.
  • The total investment cost of the project shall not exceed (300,000) SAR.
Provisions and obligations of application.
The Bank requires the applicant to comply with the following undertakings, and if the applicant breach these undertakings, the Social Development Bank shall have the right to cancel the application at any stage of the application and foreclose the project if the applicant received part full part of the financing and demand the borrower for the full amount of the loan disbursed to him:
  • The Bank shall have the right to claim a detailed economic feasibility study for the project without any obligation from the Bank to approve the request for funding or to compensate the applicant for financing.
  • Undertaking the validity and accuracy of the information provided in the request for funding and personal interview, the validity of the provided documents and the images matching the assets.
  • Undertaking to manage the project which require the funding after signing the financing contract with the bank.
  • Acknowledgment of knowing the bank executive list to funding and support small and emerging enterprises and its commitment to the full instructions and procedures.
  • Acknowledging the bank right to obtain its credit record from Simah Company.
  • Providing bail for appearance signed by a relative or the borrower' friend to bring the borrower at the request of the bank.
  • Undertaking to provide all information about the project during its establishment and after operation, and to provide the bank with all accounting and financial data, bank statements and other information required by the Bank for the project.
  • Acknowledgment its knowing that disbursement of funding payments is made in installments related to the level of completion of the project.
  • Acknowledgment its knowing that the loan is paid in monthly installments.


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