Target Audience
small enterprises

New Product

Service Fees
Under SDB's regulation 

Strategic Engagement
Horizon financing intersects with the fourth strategic objective of the Social Development Bank.
Providing value-added financing for small and emerging projects.

​International Strategic link:
Horizon's financing intersects with the 9th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations. can be viewed here   

A product specialized in financing companies and corporation whose working years are no less than 3 or more, and their sales start from 3 million riyals per year to a maximum of 40 million riyals per year.

Financing Exsisitng Facilities " Horizon"
A product specialized in financing existing Facilities and companies whose working years are not less than 3 years and their sales are between 3 to 40 million riyals per year, with a financing amount of up to 10 million riyals with the aim of expanding their business and activities, in several sectors as diverse as industry, education, quality of life, entertainment Tourism, technology, retail, and other vital sectors of economic feasibility.
Horizon's Targeted Sectors 
Industry, education, quality of life (entertainment, tourism), technology, retail. Or any sectors that the bank deems feasible to finance.
the Financing Amount & Type 

Financing Amount:
10 million max  

Financing Type:

1- Short term financing 

To support the operating cycle of the facility with a repayment period not exceeding one year

2- Long term financing 

To support capital expansions with a repayment period not exceeding 5 years


Self Financing Ratio

The percentage of self-financing is determined based on the credit study of the facility

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