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Usage of the Social Development Bank Portal

This portal of the Social Development Bank, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (herein referred to as "Social Development Bank Portal" or "the Portal") is available for your personal use, and your access and use of this portal are subject to terms and conditions of use and the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, your access to this portal is considered an unconditional acceptance to the terms and conditions of usage whether you were a registered user, or not, this acceptance is in force as of the date of your first use of this portal.

Usage of the Portal includes a set of terms and conditions that undergo continuous updates and modifications when necessary, and any modification or update of any of these terms and conditions shall be in force once approved by the Portal administration; this requires you to continuously review the terms of use and Disclaimer principles to be updated with any modifications ; As such, using this portal repeatedly means that you have fully viewed and accepted any modification made to its usage items and terms; bearing in mind that these terms and conditions involve property rights. Further, the Portal Administration is not liable to announcing any updates made to these terms.

General Terms and Conditions: 
  • Information and materials in this website are subject to frequent updates and changes as required.

  •  The Arabic language is the main language for the Portal usage and benefit from all the materials published in it, the aim of translating any of these materials is to provide an additional service, and therefore the available translation shall not be used to interpret any dispute on what the Portal includes with regard to content

  • All the regulations and laws published on the portal, either related to the Social Development Bank or other bodies may be subjected to translation to interpret their meanings with the aim of increasing the benefit, However the Arabic text for all these regulations and laws constitute the basic reference, and therefore it is cannot be in any circumstances depend on the translation to derive any information or details. 

Usage Terms:

By using the Portal, you approve refraining from the following:

  • Provide or upload files that contain software, materials, data or other information that is not owned by you or you or you are not licensed to use them.

  • Use this portal in any way to send any commercial or undesirable e-mail, or any misuse of that sort for the Social Development Bank Portal.

  • Provide or upload files on this portal that contain viruses or corrupted data.

  • Publish, announce, distribute, or circulate materials or information containing defamation, law violation, or sexual, obscene, and against Islamic rulings or code of ethics materials; or illegal materials or information via the portal of the Social Development Bank.

  • Subscribe via the Social Development Bank portal in illegal or unlawful activities in Saudi Arabia.

  • Announce at the portal of the Social Development Bank for any product or service put us in violation of any law or system applied in any field.

  • Use of any means, software or procedure to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper operation of the Social Development Bank Portal.

  • Carry out any action that put tremendous, large, or inappropriate load on the infrastructure of the Social Development Bank Portal.

Links to Social Development Portal 

Except for what mentioned below, it is banned to transfer or copy any of the contents of the Social Development Bank Portal, or create any electronic links related to it, or display any of them in a frame.

  • It is feasible to put links of the Portal's pages in any other website that does not conflict in its objectives and general orientation with the objectives, policies and frameworks of the Social Development Bank Portal.

  • The Social Development Bank is not considered in any circumstances participating or linked in any way to any trademarks, logos, brands, service or any other used means or appear on Web sites linked with this portal or any of their content.

  • The Social Development Bank preserves all its rights to stop and imped any link in any way from any website that contains inappropriate, flagrant, defamatory, translational, obscene, pornographic, unacceptable, illegal topics, names, materials, or information that violate any law or breach any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or public rights.

  • The Social Development Bank preserves the right to disable any link whatsoever if unlicensed, and it is not to be accountable for the content available at any website that is accessed via this portal or through it to this portal.

Links from Social Development Bank Portal 

Communication links to portals and/or other Websites are provided with the aim of facilitating visitors' access. The Ministry of Social Affairs Portal is not liable for the content or the credibility of the portals and/or websites that are linked to it and the Portal does not approve its contents, Therefore, you are fully responsible for using any of these links to access these websites, or portals. Hence, the Portal aims to replace the broken electronic links - not working- with other websites. And since we do not have control over these links; we do not guarantee in any way that these links are working continuously.

Protection from Viruses

We make every effort to check and test the contents of this portal at all production stages, we recommend that you continuously run antivirus software scan on all materials downloaded from the Internet. We are not considered responsible for any loss, disconnection, or damage to your data or computer, or any device you used for surfing, which could take place during accessing this portal or when using material downloaded from this portal.

Personal Information Gathering

Once the user visits the Social Development Bank Portal, its server registers the internet protocol (IP) of the user, and the date and time of the visit, and the URL address of any website from which links you to the Portal.

Cookies Usage Statement

Most of the electronic websites Once visited  they put a small file  on the hard drive of the visitor (browser), and it is called  "cookies" .These are text files, some sites deposit on the hard drive of the visitor's computer. These text files contain information that would allow for the site that deposited it to retrieve it back when needed during the next visit  of the user to the site.
Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, and you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to alert when cookies are sent. Please note that some services that are displayed on this portal may not work correctly if you refuse cookies.

Waiver of Claims 

The Social Development Portal, services, information, materials and functions available or which can be accessed via the Portal; are provided for your personal use "as is" and "as available", without any approval, promises or guarantees of whatsoever. We cannot guarantee or bear responsibility for any failures, errors, or encroachments that may arise from the use of this portal, or its contents, or any website linked to it, whether with our knowledge or without. When conducting any communications or sending any information via the Portal, the user will not have the right to own them or right to be guaranteed its confidentiality. Also that any usage or interactive usage of what contained in this portal does not guarantee or not intended to guarantee any rights, licenses or any privileges of any type to the user. Additionally, the waiver of the Social Development Bank for any available right specified under these conditions in one of the places or occasions does not mean in any way an automatically and permanently waiver for any rights in other places and occasions.

Limits of Responsibility

The E-services provided by the Social Development Bank Portal via the Internet and obtaining information about the various governmental entities and bodies are introduced only to facilitate manual procedures. Herein you fully acknowledge your knowledge that communications over the Internet may be subject to interference or interception by others. And that the Portal does not replace the information available through the official bodies, and the administrative requests and procedures can be directly taken before concerned bodies. Accordingly, accessing this Portal remains your own responsibility. Also, we not under any circumstances responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever that you may sustain because of your usage or visit to the Portal, or reliance on any statement, opinion or advertisement in the Portal. Or what may result from any delay in operation, disconnection, problems in accessing to the Internet, devices or programs failures, or behavior or thoughts of any person accessing this portal. Thus, you here acknowledge and accept that the exclusive and only mean to address any harm or loss that might occur as a result of accessing or using this portal is to stop using or accessing the Portal, or to discontinue doing so.


Herein you acknowledge not to take any procedure against the Social Development Bank or any of its departments, and to compensate and secure it from ant responsibility, as well as any bodies, employees, or agents in charge of managing, maintaining, updating, or providing the Social Development Bank Portal. This is with regard to all the commitments and responsibilities that may arise in terms of any claim occurring from any violation of the usage items and terms on your part, or any of the laws in force whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the place in which you live.

Usage Termination

We are authorized, according to our absolute evaluation, to terminating, restricting, or suspending your right with regard to accessing the Portal and its usage without notice, and for any reason, including the violation of usage terms and conditions. Or for any other behavior that is considered according to our own evaluation unlawful or harmful to others. And in case of terminating your access to the Portal, you will not be licensed to access this portal.​

Property Rights
  • Any information provided by the site's visitors in this Portal is considered the property of the bank and the bank is entitled to use it for any purpose. The bank is entitled to use any ideas, concepts, experiences or techniques contained in this information; more information is available here.

  • It is strictly banned to modify any of the content of the portal. Also, the graphics and images in this portal are protected by virtue of publishing rights, and it is not allowed to imitate or exploit them in any way whatsoever without a previous written acceptance from the Ministry of Social Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.​


Judicial Reference

You herein accept to be exclusively subjugated to the judiciary authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regard to all the claims and disputes that arise from your usage for this portal; bearing in mind that the Arabic language is to be the official language used to settle any disputes arising from your usage for the Portal or any of its content.​
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Relevant Legislations and Laws:

Electronic Transactions Law - Communications and Information Technology Commission
Anti-Cyber Crime LawCommunications and Information Technology Commission
Essential Cybersecurity Controls (arabic)- National Cybersecurity Authority 


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