A financing initiative in partnership between SDB and the National Development Fund, targeting the gaming and electronic sports sector, with a financing amount of 45 million Saudi riyals

Entrepreneurs in the games and electronic sports sector.
 Existing companies in the games and electronic sports sector.
Yes, an administrative fee of 2% of the total loan principal.
Periodic follow-up fees of 1% of the total loan principal.
Commercial Register (for institutions and companies).
- Memorandum of Association and another appendix in case of amendment, partners’ decision, board of directors’ decision, and a letter of the authorized signatory in case the legal entity is a “company” (for institutions and companies) 
Copies of the national identity of the owner or partners, if the legal entity is a "company".
 Financial statements (for institutions and companies) - Saudization certificate (Nitaqat report) (for institutions and companies)
Submitting a feasibility study in case the financing is long-term. 
Additional documents may requested: They are requested on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature of the client and the nature of the credit request.

Entrepreneurs in the gaming and e-sports sector
Existing companies in the games and
electronic sports sector

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The product "E-gaming" is associatedT with one of the Bank's strategic objectives:
Developing and strengthening the microfinance system

International Strategy
intersects with the first, second and seventeenth goals of sustainable
Providing value-added financing for small and emerging projects


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