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Customer Charter

The Social Development Bank Portal is deemed an important channel of interaction and communication with beneficiaries, and services and information provided by the Bank. As such, the Social Development Bank seeks to form a strong relationship with its audience based on standards reinforcing, strengthening, and developing such a relation in order to realize benefit to both sides. This charter involves the commitments embraced by the Portal towards its visitors, and, on the other hand, the responsibilities of those visitors towards the portal as well.

Commitments of Social Development Bank

Proceeding from the Social Development Bank vision and mission, and in order to achieve the objectives of the portal, we seek to provide the best possible services for the users of the Portal. This Charter identifies the top commitments of SDB portal:

Assistance and support:

The Portal includes a section for assisting and supporting those benefiting from it, this section provides assistance for the  Portal's visitors, taking into account that it should be adequate for the biggest potential number of visitors. For that, readable content and a variety of media materials were provided, in addition to detailed information and links to some assistance forms such as: Knowledge Center, frequently asked questions, multilateral inquiry sections, ease of use, etc.

Privacy and confidentiality:

The Social Development Bank Portal takes confidentiality of its users and visitors as a top priority, and the Portal Administration makes every effort in order to provide high-quality services. Further information is available here.

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