Community Participation Policy and Regulations

Social Development Bank e-Community Participation Policy and Controls
  1. Community participation means that the user interacts with the Bank's questionnaires or submit a proposal, idea or creative initiative in order to participate the bank to develop services and products provided by the Bank.
  2. The Bank is keen to supervise and review all entries prior to publication in order to ensure compliance with the laws of the state in this regard and to raise the levels of dialogue to achieve the required objectives.
  3. The Bank reserves the right not to publish or delete any entries that it deems contrary to its policies or laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, without being obliged to do so, and in no way can the Bank or its employees be responsible Legally on the ensuing publication of comments or feedback through their electronic means of community participation.
  4. Interaction with community participation tools is not the acceptance of opinions proposals or the initiation of their implementation by the bank. The Bank analyzes the entries and studies their applicability and feasibility of their implementation.
  5. The Social Development Bank reserves its moral and legal right to deal with the posts contained in the Community Participation page, recording the idea or proposal, transforming, producing or reshaping the idea or proposal in accordance with its own business strategies at the bank.
Community Participation Conditions and Controls:
  1. Compliance with laws and regulations.
  2. Participation should be written in Arabic clearly and purposefully.
  3. Do not share more than once per user on the same topic.
  4. Permanently refrain from writing any offensive statements.
  5. Do not publish personal data such as names, contact details and addresses.
 Community Participation Procedures:
  1. Consultation: Preparation of consultation content based on development and improvement areas by the Bank's business departments.
  2. Publication of the consultation: Publish the content of the consultation on the Bank's website and social media, setting the consultation availability times.
  3. Close consultation: Limit and collect posts.
  4. Consultation analysis: Study and analysis of the results of the consultation by the General Management of Partnerships and Marketing team.
  5. Publication of consultation results: Publish the results of the analysis on the bank's website and social media.
  6. Archiving: List all previous consultations with their results.
Target group:
Bank customers, community members, partners from charities and government entities. 
The sector concerned with supervising electronic participation:
The sector concerned with supervising electronic participation and consultations in the participation of the public in the development of the Bank's products and services is the sector of strategy and innovation, Customer Experience Department
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