Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan

The plans and strategies of the bank have been formulated in accordance with its role in the social development in order to unify efforts and achieve the goals and programs of Vision 2030.

The Bank’s Strategic Map


The Most Prominent Indicators of the Bank Strategy

The bank was assigned to achieve the objective numbered 4.3.3. (Increasing the contribution of the productive families in the economy) which stems from the national transformation program. Therefore, the bank has created indicators that contribute to the achievement of this objective. They are as follows: You may click here to read them.  

Future Initiatives

In line with its role in the social development, the bank plans and strategies have been formulated to unify efforts and achieve the 2030 vision of the kingdom. This strategy has included a vision and a mission that show the bank’s direction is in harmony with the objectives of the programs of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision.


Bank Strategy 

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Bank Strategy 2022-2025

Bank Strategy 2018-2021

Bank Strategy 2017


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